How Voilà! helped Yoga Fitness manage an evolving schedule of over 150 weekly classes

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Voilà! makes my life so much easier. It only takes one click for employees to find their replacement. No need to contact people one by one, it's great!
Amélie Beaumont
Yoga Fitness


Yoga Fitness is a five-star fitness center with 3 studios in the Quebec region. It prides itself on its wide array of yoga and fitness classes offered by a large number of highly skilled and trained teachers.

In operations since 2013, Yoga Fitness experienced steady growth, adding almost a new classroom per year and being fully booked. Its motto? No judgment, no comparison, your sole responsibility is feeling good and offering the best yoga experience for yourself.


The Problem

In order to offer a large variety of classes, Yoga Fitness has to maintain a great number of teachers, each with their own unique set of qualifications.

As a result, when a last-minute replacement is needed, it can be difficult to recall and contact all potential replacements that can promptly jump in and teach a class that requires a specific skill set.

With 6 classrooms across 3 locations, management has to navigate between availabilities, cleaning and setting up specific times for high-intensity classes to minimize adjacent classroom noise. Additionally, creating a schedule that focuses on suiting customers first prior to thinking of assigning teachers can be problematic.

This brings a high level of complexity and has managers waste a week’s worth of time creating a session’s schedule, plus numerous hours managing last-minute changes.

Making it difficult to remember who can jump in and teach a precise class if someone needs to be replaced, let alone contact all potential replacements promptly. Moreover, with 6 classrooms across 3 locations, management has to navigate through availabilities, cleaning and setup time specific to some classes and adjacent classroom noise of high-intensity classes to create a schedule that suits its customers before even thinking of assigning teachers.

This brings a high level of complexity and had managers waste almost a week creating a session’s schedule, plus numerous hours managing last-minute changes.


The Solution

Yoga Fitness quickly benefited from using Voilà’s drag and drop feature to create a balanced program across its locations and sub-locations.

They also gained valuable time back by documenting all teachers’ qualifications and giving them classes that match their training styles.

Once the schedule was built, they easily assigned their regular teachers and let the algorithm do the rest by filling in the remaining classes with available and trained staff. By doing so, the new classes offered balanced everyone’s hours and gave teachers the opportunity to try a new class.

Lastly, Voilà!’s instant messaging feature helped get information across the entire staff quickly and built an additional level of community to the Yoga Fitness Family.

Key Figures


less time wasted managing schedules


less absenteeism


saved weekly on classes cancelled because of absenteeism (no-shows)


less employee turnover