How to Onboard your Employees on Voilà in 3 Easy Steps

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Let’s face it: change isn’t always easy.

Letting go of the old to invite in the new can take a bit of adjustment. In fact, research shows how we’re wired to take the path of least resistance, even when change is positive.

In other words: we like our comfort zones and don’t want to leave them. Like a cozy blanket, they’re familiar and comforting.

Replacing your employee scheduling methods with an automated platform can be intimidating for some.

In the long run, you know it’ll save you time and give employees more liberty in choosing their own schedules, but you need everyone to come on board with you!

In order to reap the full benefits of using Voilà!, you need to make a strong first impression on your employees.

Instead of going full throttle with the change, it’s better to warm them up for it.

Here are 3 easy steps to undertake to kickstart your employees’ onboarding successfully.

1. Onboard Your Tech-Savvy Employees First

As much as Voilà! is a user-friendly app, the shift from using excel spreadsheets to a digital platform has a bit of a learning curve.

Along with your managers, it’s best to onboard your most tech-savvy employees at least a few days before making the big announcement to the entire company.

Since they’ll be able to navigate their way across the app easier,  they will help you further train the rest of your team at the beginning of the complete implementation process.

For any additional inquiries, they can reach out to Voilà!’s support team at any time!

2. Find the Optimal Method to Share the News

After onboarding your champions, it’s time to let the rest of the team in.

While pinning a note in the employee lunchroom regarding the announcement will catch their attention, scheduling a meeting will get everyone together. Make sure that your champions are present so they can motivate their colleagues to embrace their new tool.

During the meeting, you can explain to employees in person that you’ll be switching to Voilà! for your scheduling needs and present its many benefits.

Afterwards, you can customize and email them your onboarding instructions by using this handy message template we created.

Once that’s done, you can launch the invitation email in a simple click through the Voilà! platform.

While there are no fixed rules on how you should onboard, it’s always best to take the time to communicate with your employees.

You can start by onboarding employees in specific departments first and eventually make your way across the entire company to reap Voilà!’s full benefits.

For a visual guide, feel free to check out our employee onboarding video tutorial.

3. Spare Managers the  Paperwork by Importing All Employee Records

Instead of leaving all the administration work to the employees, it’s best to take care of it in advance.

You can either create or import employee records following this walkthrough or send out your employee list to your account executive. To do so, simply fill in this simple template.

To welcome employees in, take the time to create your first schedule. It will be more engaging for them to arrive on a new app and see their actual schedules instead of a blank calendar.

When everything is set in place, just click on invite employees for them to receive their code.

You can support them in their account creation.

Then Voilà, everyone is on board!