Why so many companies choose Voilà!

From building schedules to finding last-minute replacements, we’re focused on helping you manage your workforce by getting the right employees at the right place at the right time.

As an employee-centric workforce management platform, we stay focused on our core business model, while carefully selecting who we partner with and only choose the best third-party vendors that’ll meet our optimal standards.

As a result, our clients get the best solution that fits all their needs all while enjoying seamless third-party integrations under one platform.

See how we compare:

Let’s break down the details. Here’s how Voilà! stands out from the crowd.

Flexible and Hassle-Free Scheduling

When it comes to scheduling, flexibility and user-friendliness are important factors to consider when choosing an employee scheduling platform.

From creating recurring shifts to setting your complex rotations in place, Voilà’s intuitive design allows users to quickly and easily drag and drop shifts from one location or employee to the next and easily copy shifts directly on the app.

Manually updating your scheduling spreadsheets and finding optimal employees for a shift can be time-consuming. Which is why Voilà! offers employees the flexibility to bid on shifts and create their schedules while respecting your own custom set of rules, which can be as flexible as you choose. With smart assignment, Voilà! chooses the right shift for the right employee for you.

Replacement Management

Let’s face it: finding a replacement can feel like a never-ending game of cat and mouse. Voilà! eliminates the time-consuming game by doing the heavy-lifting for you.

By setting your custom rules in place, Voilà! uses built in algorithms to find the optimal replacement needed for a shift. With replacements being easily identified and measured, you’ll be able to keep track of your requests that way when urgency strikes, Voilà! will know who to go to.

Time and Attendance

From knowing which employees are on premise to keeping payroll errors at bay, time and attendance features are a vital component of an employee scheduling platform. Voilà’s dual GPS and web-based time clock solution allows you to validate your employee’s presence when you aren’t on premise.

Gone are the days of running late without a valid reason. With our biometric validation, employees can set explanations when they’re running late or early by validating their presence directly on their phones.

Is your team comfortable using your current punch? With Voilà’s flexible structure, you can integrate your favourite punch system in as well.  With security being a top priority in many industries, Voilà! enables the option of having security questions for employees to answer when clocking in and out.

When it comes to payroll, spotting red flags comes a long way in preventing scheduling headaches from taking place. Ensure error-free payroll timesheets with Voilà’s smart revision tools that flags and cleans up any discrepancies that comes your way.  Let time be on everyone’s side with rounding margins that brings back paid time to what was planned including expenses, paid leave, staycations and more.

Leave Management

Whether it’s a staycation, maternity or sick leave, taking time off should be hassle-free. Voilà! let’s you  easily customize your leave categories, manage, approve and prioritize employee requests as well as  automatically reassign affected shifts all under it’s powerful platform.

Performance Management

Managing your business all while building profitable schedules isn’t an easy feat. With real time sales and traffic data at your fingertips, Voilà! lets you monitor and stay on track of scheduling costs directly on the platform. You can also easily integrate your favourite POS system onto Voilà!

 By having a broader view of your profitability, Voilà! lets you stay in full control of your business performance and adjust your workforce accordingly. After all, it’s less about putting employees on the calendar and more about doing sound business that works for everyone.

With flexibility comes great freedom. Whether your goal is to reduce time managing schedules, empower your employees to create their own or simply get time back on your side, whatever the case may be, Voilà’s got the solution for you.

If you want to discover how Voilà! can help you, request a demo now.