Leave Management Solutions

Put the manual requests and approvals to rest. Automate and keep track of employee leave easily under one centralized platform.

A handful of successful companies who trust Voilà!

Put an end to the scheduling puzzle

Ditch the paperwork and let employees submit their requests directly on the app, learn how Voilà’s leave management solutions saves time on everyone’s side.

Employee Leave Request

Ditch the paperwork. Centralize and prioritize employees’ requests.

Whether it be vacation or sick leave, employees can submit their requests through their Voilà! app, saving you both time and stress.

“Voilà! lets employees submit their vacation requests directly on their phones and receive approval as soon as their managers got to look at them. Since it’s hassle free and requires a few taps on their phone, it’s a win/win for them”
Justin Baptiste
Customer Success Specialist for Voilà!

Other ways Voilà! makes leave management a breeze

Flexible Pricing

Simple yet tailored enough to fit your unique workforce needs



All the features, free of charge for teams for up to 10 employees.

  • Voilà’s Scheduling Platform
  • Time and Attendance features
  • Leave Management
  • Instant Messaging
  • Web and Mobile apps
  • Live Chat Support (Business Hours)
  • Everything from our Starter Plan
  • Free onboarding and video training
  • Up to 30 hours of yearly support through live chat, video and phone
  • A dedicated Senior Account Manager as soon as you hit 200 employees



For larger businesses with custom needs

  • Everything from our Business Plan
  • Unlimited Access to all our features
  • Tailored Pricing Structures
  • Custom Service Agreements
  • Dedicated Senior Account Manager